Think, do, repeat.

Hi, I am Rahul Akber, a designer, imagineer, and artist - I chaperone dreams, feelings & imaginations into tangibility. I create design principles and concepts based on human centricity, bringing innovation to the products and teams I work with. I love to lead and grow design studios, conceptualize complex ideas, and then bring them to reality by working with engineers, product managers, and business development professionals from an early stage.

Spaceodd AI
Interaction Design, Product Design, UI/UX
Maker's Playing Cards
Graphic Design, Illustration, Product Design
2018: Pepsico Innovation Project Design
Interaction Design
Sugar Creek Brewery + Watson IoT 2019
UI/UX, Industrial Design, Interaction Design
IAA 2020: The power of Edge in Automotive
Illustration, Interaction Design, Animation
2019: Cognitive Underwriting
Interaction Design
Automate for the new norm
Illustration, Interaction Design, Product Design
2017: Project Artemis Automotive Innovation Project
Interaction Design
2018: IBM career model framework
Ukater Style Guide and UI WIP
Graphic Design, UI/UX, Web Design
App Design, UI/UX, Web Design
Gunsmith Pro
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Product Design
2019: AutoScan AR Concept
Interaction Design, Product Design, Advertising
Rave UI and Design System WIP, 2020
IBM + L Brands Innovation Concepts, 2017
Interaction Design
2016: AI based IP lookup portal
Interaction Design
2017: Blockchain for telco supply chain
Interaction Design
Homewalk AR app concepting and quick prototype
Interaction Design
CES 2020 quick animations
Illustration, Graphic Design, Interaction Design
MWC 2020, Strategy, Concept and Animated info-graph
Animation, UI/UX, Illustration
Wild Duck Playing Card Art
Graphic Design, Illustration
MWC 2019 UI and Animation
UI/UX, Motion Graphics, Illustration
Blockchain for supply chain: IBM at NRF 2018
UI/UX, Illustration, Motion Graphics
AI in filmmaking: ADOBE + IBM
UI/UX, Graphic Design, Architecture
UX & Concept: Innovation Projects 2015-2017
UI/UX, Web Design, Interaction Design
UI/UX 2016-17
UI/UX 2015-16
Applications Ui/Ux/IxD Design
Web UI, UX and Interactions
Web Design
3d Projects
Art Direction, Motion Graphics
UX Architecture
Brand Identity: 2005
Branding, Print Design
Art Direction, UI/UX, Web Design
Typographical Posters - Social Media Assets
Typography, Graphic Design, Photography
Intersteller Digital Campaign: 2nd Release
Advertising, Branding, Creative Direction
Motion graphics and animation
Motion Graphics
Product Design: Wild Brew 2009
Product Design
Selected Prints: 2007
Print Works: 2004-2008
Advertising, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Illustration works
Experience Diary
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